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Bog Baby Sewing

During our Design and Technology sessions this half term, the children have created their very own Bog Babies.   

There were lots of jobs that the children undertook to create their finished Bog Baby.

1) Designing the Bog Baby.

2) Cutting out the pattern.

3) Pinning the pattern to the felt.

4) Cutting out the felt.

5) Pinning the two pieces together.

6) Sewing the two pieces together using a running stitch.

7) Stuffing the Bog Baby.

8) Drawing patterns for its eyes, wings, mouth and tail then cutting out the pattern pieces.

9) Pinning and cutting out the eyes, wings, mouth and tail.

10) Gluing on the eyes wings, mouth and tail.


The children worked very hard and made a very diverse collection of Bog Babies!