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Visions and Values

Our visions and values are at the core of everything we do. They underpin our teaching and learning, and provide an environment which prepares our pupils as confident, happy citizens.

Aims and mission statement of the school


‘At Gorsley Goffs Primary School we combine traditional values with standards of excellence.’


  • We endeavour to provide a school day which excites, challenges and motivates each individual child;


  • Children are taught in ways which promote excellence, enjoyment and independent learning;


  • The school climate encourages and gives opportunities for perseverance, self-discipline, caring and respect towards each other;


  • The school promotes opportunities for spiritual and moral development reflecting its Christian foundation.


We have a school motto with important rules which both the children and staff wrote.


‘Show respect and always try our best’


  •  We are polite and care for everyone.


  •  We help each other to learn and be happy at school.


  •  We move calmly around the school.


  •  We look after our school and keep it clean and tidy.


  •  We let others play and join in.



Our pupils are reminded of this regularly and our other rules are based upon this idea.  In the main they are common sense precautions to ensure the safety of all to assist in living alongside others in a close community. 


The expectations for children’s behaviour are publicised to parents at the induction meeting and at the annual meeting with governors.  Copies of the behaviour policy are available to all parents.




Visitors to Gorsley Goffs frequently remark on the happy, industrious and well-ordered family atmosphere.  The size of the school means that every teacher knows every child.  Not only does that ensure continuity of academic progression, but also security and a strong sense of School community and ownership by the children.



At Gorsley Goffs we aim to encourage positive attitudes towards self-discipline and high standards of personal behaviour are expected at all times.  A great deal of time, thought and effort are spent on establishing an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect between adults and pupils.


We aim to make the school a place where pupils will feel safe and secure in an environment where they can work and play, sharing and co-operating with others.  Pupils are expected to show thoughtfulness and awareness of the needs and rights of others.  They are also encouraged to care for things they use and develop a responsible attitude towards their environment.


The children play a huge part in creating the school’s ethos.  They have many responsibilities such as being house captains, the school council and those who are monitors for milk, music and composting!