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Super Science Day

Today we were challenged by Miss Fair and Bethan from QinetiQ to investigate something with a packet of Family Circle biscuits.

We began by talking about the biscuits and decided to group them into 'sandwich' and 'not sandwich' biscuits.  We then came up with some questions that we wanted to find out the answer to.

The question we decided on was...

'Are sandwich biscuits heavier than not sandwich biscuits?'

We discussed how to make our test fair.  We began using balancing scales to compare two biscuits at a time but found that this wasn't the most accurate way to weigh all of the biscuits.  We then turned to the digital scales, writing down the weight using grams.  Afterwards we ordered the biscuits from the heaviest to the lightest.

Please see our results below to find out what we discovered.