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Autumn 1 - Walk like an Egyptian

Useful Links:

Introduction to the ancient Egyptians - Excavating coprolites (fossilised poo!)

Art - We made our own paper using a similar method to how the ancient Egyptians made papyrus. We used this paper as the base for our final art work where we transformed ourselves into ancient Egyptian Pharaohs. We were inspired by the art work of two artists; Gerhard Richter and Valeria Trasatti and used overpainting onto a photograph. Our finished pieces brightened up the hall.

Egyptian Extravaganza - Rudhall had such fun during our Egyptian Extravaganza day, we fully immersed ourselves in ancient Egyptian culture, mummifying tomatoes, creating death masks and 3D pyramids using nets. We then ended the day investigating ancient Egyptian artefacts loaned to us by Hereford library services and used our historical investigation skills to decipher what we thought they might have been used for.