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Welcome to Briery Class!

Our teacher is Mrs Oseman and our

teaching assistant is Mrs Barry.

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Enchanted Woodland Topic Web


Amazing Animals

This half term, we are learning all about animals from around the world.  We know there are seven continents in the world and each week, we have visited a different continent to explore the animals that live there.

Asian Elephants

Elephants are an important part of the Hindu Festival of Colour known as Holi. Elephants are decorated with brightly coloured paints and chalks.

We made our own elephants out of clay.  First, we rolled out the clay and cut out an elephant shape using a template. Next, we used a range of tools to create lots of interesting patterns. Finally, we painted our elephants brightly.

Rolling out the clay into an elephant shape and making patterns using a range of tools.

Exciting Animal Artefacts

Today, Mrs Wells came to visit us. She is an ecologist and brought us a range of interesting artefacts to look at and learn about. She brought us bones, nests, bodies and feathers. We thoroughly enjoyed listening to her and looking at all of the fantastic items she brought in. 

Autumn 2nd Topic Web

Our special trees

We chose a tree in our school grounds to become our special friend and then we used their leaves to find out what type of tree it was. We also measured our tree to find out how old it is. Using all of this information, we made an ebook in Book Creator on the iPads.