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Welcome to Briery Class!

Our teacher is Mrs Oseman and our

teaching assistant is Mrs Barry.

Autumn Term Phonics and Spelling Lists

A terrific visit from the Herefordshire Toy Museum.

Carolyn from the Toy Museum visited us, bringing an assortment of old toys for us to explore. She showed us a monkey toy that was 110 years old! She told us all about different old toys and we had time to explore each of the activities she had brought along. We learned about how in Victorian times, toys were divided into those for boys and for girls which we didn’t think was a very good idea.  We also looked at replica toys and compared old and new versions of the same toy. We also used a range of adjectives to describe each of the toys.


We have been using the laptops and iPads to draw pictures using all of the different digital tools. We are developing our control when using the mouse and track pad.

Woodland Walk

We started our ‘Enchanted Woodland’ topic with a walk through the woods. We enjoyed looking for fairies and found one of their homes and their swing. We learnt about some of the different types of trees in the wood and collected items to create some natural artwork back at school.

PE - Introducing rules for indoor PE while playing parachute games


Pirates and Mermaids Party Day!

On the penultimate day of the year, a vast variety of pirates, mermaids and sea creatures arrived in Briery Class for our party day. We had a fantastic day full of dancing, party games and a treasure hunt which lead to us ‘borrowing’ the treasure from the Head Pirate’s office!


After reading ‘Supertato’ by Sue Hendra, we worked in groups to plan and create our own super veggie film trailer using iMovie.
See our finished films below.


History of the school

We have enjoyed finding out about the life of Edward Goff, the founder of our school. We used evidence from the mosaic timeline to discover more about his life and the history of the school.

We looked at a range of old aerial photos and compared them to a recent one from Google Maps. We then explored the school building and grounds, looking for signs of the original building.

Christmas dinner and party day - what fun we had!

Santa came to visit!

Christmas Crafts

This week, we have had great fun creating our Christmas crafts and are really proud of our cards, baskets and snow globes!


Still image for this video

Gorsley Community Christmas Event


We had great fun when we visited Gorsley Baptist Chapel for the Gorsley Community Christmas Event.  We gave out awards to our teachers and TAs as well as to the children voted as being the kindest children in the class by their peers.  Well done Holly and Casper!

We placed decorations on the Christmas tree ~ festive tree cookies we had made at Forest School.  Then we had fun on the play park and playing a range of festive games.

Thank you so much to all of the Gorsley Community for arranging this for us!

DT - Wheeled Toy Project

As part of our Design and Technology work, we have been exploring a range of wheeled toys, focussing on fixed and moving axles.

We designed the wheeled toy we wanted to make, deciding whether to use wooden wheels or cotton reels and also whether to use a fixed or moving axle.

Next, we followed our designs, using a range of techniques to create our toy. Finally, we tested our wheels and evaluated our finished product. We are very proud of our final results!