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Look below to find ways you can help out on a day to day basis!



Are you looking for a new way to label your child's belongings to ensure they don't get lost at school?  Follow the link below to view the fantastic range of name stampers at


Enter the unique promotional code 'GORSLEY' when placing an order and our PTFA will receive 30% cashback!!


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A huge way you can help, especially when Christmas shopping, is to use Amazon Smile.  

Butlins Holidays:

Book via using the code GOFF1

As a PTFA we are always looking for new ways to raise funds for the school and pupils. Below are several ways we often use that you may be able to help with.  


  • Grant applications – do you have contacts within a grant giving body? If so, please do share them with us if they are happy to be contacted by a member of the PTFA. 


  • Company support – do you work for a company that has payroll giving or match funding? If so, please do think of Gorsley for both! We can often receive match funding for events we run with volunteers, so chat to a member of the PTFA for further info. 


  • Company donations – do you have any contacts in businesses that would consider donating prizes for our raffles, equipment for the school, time or funding for school projects? Again, please do contact a member of the PTFA if you think this is the case and we are happy to chat it through. 


We are always looking for new ways to fund raise so any ideas are welcome! You can also attend our monthly PTFA meetings to make suggestions and get involved!