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Autumn 2 - Walk like an Egyptian

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Egyptian Extravaganza!

Rudhall Class had a fantastic day during their 'Egyptian Extravaganza'. Everybody looked the part in their costumes, there was remarkable effort put into their homemade jewellery and headpieces. 

We began the day learning about the mummification process and why this was so important to ancient Egyptians and then we each mummified our own tomato. We are going to check on the results at the end of term.

Miss Baugh created Tutankhamun's tomb in the class room. Equipped with only a torch and our memories we had to navigate the tunnel and enter the tomb, see what treasure we could find and then escape within 10 seconds before we succumbed to the noxious gases. We are pleased to report that everyone escaped in time! We then found out a bit more about Tutankhamun and the discovery of his tomb 100 years ago before travelling to Cairo (virtually of course!) and visiting the museum to see the wonderful artefacts found inside. 

We continued our fun into the afternoon by creating 3D pyramids using nets and going on another adventure with a Now Press Play Egyptian experience. 



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