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Sports trips in 2023 got off to a rocky start for GGS. We started the year with a year 3 & 4 Girls Futsal tournament at The Point4. However, on arrival word had obviously got around that the mighty Gorsley were arriving; all the other schools got scared and didn’t turn up. This left only us and a Riverside team at the event. So, instead of a tournament, the girls played a full 90-minute match. From the first minute to the ninetieth minute, you could have thought you were watching the WSL. Some fantastic football was played, they showed real teamwork and were a real credit to the school. We’d like to say a massive thank you to Riverside Primary for showing up to give the girls opportunities to play. We’d also like to say thank you Frankie's parents for helping transport the girls to make the day happen.


The Year 5 Futsal and Year 6 Futsal, had to be cancelled due to a lack of schools participating. However, we hosted our own football competition. The girls had the opportunity to pick their own 5-aside teams to compete to be the first team to lift the “Mr East Invitational Cup”. Even though the girls didn’t get the luxury of the nice warm, clean indoor pitches of The Point4, I don’t think it bothered them with the size of the smiles and the sound of laughter and encouragement booming from the field. In the end, team “Material Girls” were the first team to lift the trophy with “Dino Nuggies” coming in close a second. Well done to all the girls who played!


Members from year 6 represented the school in the Sports Hall Athletics completion held at John Masefield High School. Even though the event clashed with wacky hair day, everyone was looking at them for the incredible scores they set on all the challenges from speed bounce to the standing long jump. The pupils thoroughly enjoyed the event. Watching them trying to push themselves and each other to beat their own scores really showed the fantastic sports people they are! In the end, the pupils placed second, narrowly missing out by 10 points. Well done to all the pupils who went. You were a real credit to Gorsley Goffs.