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Autumn 2 - To infinity and beyond!

Rudhall worked together in groups to research a planet from our solar system, they worked collaboratively to create a PowerPoint to teach others about their planet.

We took part in a live lesson with ESA, learning about space and what it is like to be an astronaut. We worked together to create an installation art piece for a compettion run by ESA kids; we each chose our favourite aspects of Earth's biodiversity, bottling them up to take with us to another planet.

Moon phases - We used Oreo biscuits to show the 8 different phases of the Moon, this helped us to visualise them and understand how the Moon does not change shape, just our perspective of it from Earth!

Distance of the planets - To help us understand the size of the Solar System, we used Maths and fractions to demonstrate just how large our Solar System is. We were surprised to find that the planets are not aligned evenly throughout Space.

Christmas Week! Rudhall had lots of fun in the lead up to Christmas. We enjoyed our trip to the Courtyard theatre to see the pantomime, designing calendars and Christmas cards as well as a class silent disco on the playground, a joint UKS2 party and a visit from the big man himself! Phew...we have definitely earned a rest this Christmas!