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Science inspires and enthuses our pupils. Our children’s curious minds are challenged, supported and developed. We create opportunities to build resilience so children can access new ideas at their own individual level. We encourage our pupils to make links and establish firm learning pathways. We provide the opportunity to work scientifically, creating a secure environment where investigational skills and enquiring mind sets are valued. Children are encouraged to have a questioning approach to learning and we value when the children’s thoughts and ideas steer our learning.  We have excellent resources in school which the children use on a variety of occasions.

Science Learning in our School

Key Science Curriculum Documents

Science Week: Time

We made our own water clocks

We built towers out of newspaper, as tall as possible, that could hold a 500g weight for 30 sec

Science Making: Connections

Recommended Science Books to Read

Science in our Local Area

Useful Websites for Children


Online science attractions

These museums and other science attractions have good online content that you can explore with the children in your setting.