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Why is this place called the Steelworks?  Iron was smelted and forged in this area over 300 years ago. There were iron works in Linton in Roman times, as well as in the 17th century.


Before 1819  Christian services were held both at the Steelworks and at Blindman's Gate. The Phillips family occupied  three houses and 16 acres at Steelworks in 1841. William and Jane Phillips  married in 1819 and they moved from Oxenhall to Gorsley and were founder members of Gorsley Baptist Church. William was a quarry man and a farmer.


Their grandson Tom Phillips who lived at Steelworks Cottage was an assistant quarry master. He married in 1889 (photo).  Eight generations of this family have been members at Gorsley Baptist Church.


In 1909, Albert Bailey married Mr Shambrook's niece, Florence Skutt (photo). She and her brother, Ernest were sent to Gorsley Goffs School, though their parents lived in Cardiff.  They had three daughters who all went to Gorsley Goffs (photo).

The cider mill and press were possibly the most valuable pieces of equipment on the farm.


Gorsley Goffs Year 4 class recreated a photo in 2021 and again in 2024. Can you tell which one?