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Religious Education

We aim to deliver an RE curriculum that is designed to allow all pupils to learn about and from religion in local, national and worldwide contexts, so they develop respect and tolerance for others and appreciate the way religious beliefs influence behaviours and actions.

Religious Education has a significant role for the development of pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development - we believe it is important to understand the part religion plays in our societies, and will continually draw links between religions and the way we live our own lives.

Through an enquiry-based approach, we will equip children with the ability to investigate big questions appropriately, and give them the opportunity to do so, as this is a skill that will be required in the diverse, ever-changing world around them. 

Religious Education Learning at Gorsley Goffs

Key Religious Education Documents

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Useful Religious Education Websites for Children

BBC Bitesize

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Charlie and her favourite soft toy Blue explore different religions (KS1)

Holy Cribs: Guides around different places of worship (KS2)