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In the Gateway Federation, we recognise the importance of maths to everyday life and how it connects to many other schools subjects; we also acknowledge that the successful teaching and acquisition of key maths skills as outlined in the National Curriculum 2014 – fluency, reasoning and problem-solving – are critical to the future careers and jobs of all of our pupils. Determined to foster and develop a real love of the subject and a thirst for knowledge in all children, we are driven by the following key values:


  • Self-confidence - developing and building up children’s confidence so that they believe in themselves and their ability to do maths
  • Resilience – to be quietly determined when tackling challenging work and to be able to bounce back quickly from defeats and failures
  • Ambition – to be ambitious when thinking of what they can achieve in the subject and have high aspirations for their future

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If you know any great stories that involve maths whether they are fiction or non-fiction, then speak to Mr Pascoe.

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