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Young Voices - January 2022

This academic year, the Youth Voices choir will take place for us, on Wednesday 11th January 2023, in the Resorts World Arena, Birmingham. 

As we learn songs, lyrics will be posted below. Please practise as often as you can, remembering that the ultimate aim is to be able to sing the songs off by heart, without looking at the lyrics.

When we learn different harmonies, try to alternate which part you choose to practise. On the day, we will be told which part we are to sing based on where we are sitting in the arena, so all parts need to be known.

There will be dance moves to accompany the songs but these are not available to us yet. 

This year, we have not been given audio files of each song. Instead, these can be found on the Spotify app (the free version!) and by searching for "Young Voices UK Music Pack 2023".