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We have been looking at some stories written by the author, Oliver Jeffers. 




In one of his stories, 'Up and Down', the Penguin is very upset that he cannot fly.



In our science sessions, we have been finding out about the properties of different materials so we thought we could help out Penguin by investigating the best paper to be able to make him a paper aeroplane.


We always use plain paper, but is this the best paper?


We investigated the following types:

Plain paper


Paper towel

Tissue paper

Sugar paper

Thin card


We tested each paper to see if it was flexible, if it was strong and we wanted to know if it would hold its shape.


The following photos are of us testing the papers.

Afterwards, we had a paper aeroplane made out of each of the papers.

The aeroplane that flew the furthest was the...Plain Paper!