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Raglan Castle - take over day

Wow! What an amazing day we had!

In June, we were invited back to Raglan Castle to participate in their take over day.  We were transported back to the year 1646 when King Charles I was on the throne and we were in the middle of the civil war.  We were custodians of the castle, we gave guided tours, we learned how to defend the castle using weapons and we even greeted King Charles I with a procession.  Please look through our photos and see all of the exciting things that we got up to!  

We began the day by holding onto the castle keys and we were custodians which meant we were looking after the castle.  

We learned the drill for using a pike with Minstrel Tom.

1. Take up pike.

2. Shoulder pike.

3. Advance pike.

4. Charge your pike.  (You need to shout our loud with this one).

5. Shoulder pike.

6. Order pike.

7. Ground pike.

We practised following the commands with some of us taking the lead by calling out the instructions.  Then we practised our marching and creating a hedgehog formation.

Minstrel Tom had a variety of hats for us to try on.  We think we look great!
After we had practised defending the castle, Minstrel Tom introduced us to some games that would have been played.  Have a look at them and see if you recognise any of them.

We were very lucky to have a visit from King Charles I and his queen.

We organised a royal guard and the crowd practised bowing and curtsying.

Before lunch, Jane told us a real story about an incident at the castle.  It was about a group of ruffians who came to search the castle for weapons but were frightened away a noisy invention!
After lunch, Chris showed us how to play Three Men's Morris.  It is the forerunner of naughts and crosses.
Then Minstrel Tom helped us with two dances.  He showed us the dance steps and played for us as we danced.  It looked amazing!
Later in the afternoon we had a second visit from King Charles I and his queen.  This time we had a huge procession.  It was great to hear the beat of the drum as we marched though the castle.  Even the members of the public enjoyed it!
At the end of the day, Chris made us some animals from willow which he left on the floor for the children to find.  Some of us were lucky to find them and so they were used for a puppet show.  A few of us had the opportunity to work with Chris in creating an animal on our own.  Chris makes it look very simple!  

We had a fabulous day!  It was wonderful!

Thank you for inviting us to join you.