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Welcome to Oxenhall Class

Our teachers are Mr Anderson-Kirby and Mrs Caligari

Sports Day Capers (look in the gallery below for more pictures)

Viney Hill Adventures

Oxenhall Class have just returned from an inspiring (though soggy) residential trip, with broad smiles and lifelong memories. Crate stacking, archery and bridge building were just some of the challenges that were met head on, with terrific team work and encouragement from all the children.


Click on the gallery link below to see some of our photos.

Cornet composition - yes we're making our own music now!

Did you miss our spectacular performance of "Cinders"?

Please follow the link below for more information and photos.

Anglo-Saxon and Viking Day - Bishops Wood

World Book Day

What a talented bunch Oxenhall Class are! Browse the gallery above to see their wonderful book token designs.

This term we are learning about the Saxons. We heard the story of Hengist and Horsa, who tricked Vortigern in to giving them enough land to build a castle. They achieved their aim by finding a very big cow and cutting a very fine leather thong from it's hide. Vortigern had agreed to give them the amount of land that the thong could encircle - he was a little shocked at the result!

Oxenhall children took up this challenge and decided to see how long a strip they could make from a standard piece of A4 paper. Here are some of there results, others are in the photo gallery. How carefully can you cut? Could you do better than Oxenhall children?

DT day - Making Nicaraguan "Gallo Pinto"

Download if you want to try the recipe at home.

Pirate Day for Children in Need

Oxenhall Class bounced, posed as pirates and ate special Children in Need cakes for Pudsey. Great fun was had by all as we remembered children who are less fortunate than ourselves.

In Oxenhall Class, our teachers are Mr Anderson-Kirby and Mrs Caligari.


Coventry Transport Museum

What a fabulous day we had exploring the development of road transport. We learned about inventors, became inspectors of materials and had an insight into Victorian cycle users! 

As we investigated the treasures of the museum we found 5 seater bikes, luxury limousines, dream bikes our teachers' youth and dream cars of the future. However the highlight for many was the record breaking Thrust SSC! Please click on the link below to see more photos.


Remember to visit My Maths for regular Maths homework and extra challenge.

Remember Thursdays are when we learn the cornet.


Congratulations for all who came back to school on Friday...and slept! You were amazing and helped to raise £480 for our Ugandan link school, St Michael's.