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Design Technology

In DT lessons, we have been learning about wooden structures and how to strengthen them.  At the end of the Autumn term, we learnt how to measure and saw wood accurately and practised these skills to make wooden picture frames.  We learnt how to safely use glue guns to join each side of the frame and then strengthened the corners using card triangles.

Finally, we painted our frames and used a photo-editing app on the iPads to complete our Christmas photo frames.

After Christmas, we received a video message from Gromit telling us that Wallace had crashed the Anti-Pesto van and asking us to design a new one.  We have been very busy designing a new van and making prototype models to send photos of to Gromit.

We have used our cutting and joining skills to make a wooden frame for our vehicle which is called a chassis.  We then used junk modelling techniques to build the van's body.

Finally, we have added wheels to our vehicles, deciding whether to use fixed or moving axles (based on our research last term)


Below are some photos of us making our vehicles.

Check back soon to see our finished Anti-Pesto vans!