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Welcome to Briery!


We have reached the final half term - how quick has that gone?

We are still working really hard even though it's hot.


Miss Fair and Mrs O'Neill share the teaching in year one but spend lots of time working together.

Our new topic is Olympic Bodies. We have a gym in the role play corner and the children will have lots of opportunities to practise sporting activities outside. We are going to take measurements and eventually hold an awards ceremony! As well as learning about the history of the Olympics and about the that countries that take part. 


Don't forget hats and water bottles, we will encourage the children to drink regularly!

Don't forget new BUG club books are out and weekly maths games are ready to play!


Last half term we read Peter Pan together as part of our pirates and mermaids topic. Here we have a had magic dust sprinkled all over us so we could fly.

.Flying to NeverlandWhat can you see?Take off


Last term we looked at pop art during our London Topic. We were inspired by Andy Warhol to create some icon London scenes as pop art pictures using the ipads and we are busy writing lots of facts about our capital city.

Big Ben by Seth and George Buckingham Palace by Michael T

We used our maths skills to help us buy essentials for days out in London and our Geographical skills to locate key features in the UK.


Play dough and loom band fun at Fun Club!

Traditional games and ice lolly making at Fun Club

We have used plants in every subject this week.

Today at Fun Club we decorated shortbread biscuits. They were delicious! 17th May 2016

Science!! Looking at trees :)

Briery class and Acorn class in our first session of " Fun Club"!

Briery Class on a Peter Pan Pirate and Mermaid Adventure!

This week will be great fun because it's science week!!

As a whole school we will be creating towers on Wednesday and Thursday - but that means there will be no forest school. Sorry :( There will not be any next week either because we are going on a trip to see the Hungry Caterpillar at Dean Heritage Centre.


This terms topic web.