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Beast Creator

Very Hungry Caterpillars!

For our Beast Creator topic, we spent 4 sessions on artwork in the style of Eric Carle, building towards making our very own hungry caterpillar.

In session 1, we found out how created his prints, then had a go at using the same method ourselves. We used small squares of tissue paper to test out his method and learnt a lot – lots of us made a soggy mess!

In session 2, when these squares were dry, in small groups we used materials like as sponges, carpet and paintbrushes to test out different printing and pattern techniques.

In session 3, we learnt from our mistakes and made larger green sheets. We then used our favourite printing techniques over the top to create our own green paper like Eric Carle.

In session 4, we cut out small circles and arranged these on the paper to look like caterpillars. We were really pleased with the final results!

(We also used our green sheets to make our PTFA Christmas cards!)