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Welcome to Acorn Class

Our Class Teacher is Mrs. Harris.

Our Teaching Assistants are Mrs. Long (on a Monday) and

Mrs. Williams (from Tuesday through to Friday).

We have kicked started our school journey with the story of The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn, in which a young raccoon named Chester wishes to stay at home with his Mum instead of going to school. She kisses his hand and lets her love travel up his arm and into his heart. We have made our very own "Kissing Hand" raccoons to remind us of how much we are loved even while we are at school.

Covid-19 is changing a lot of the ways we would normally do things in Acorn Class, including our first experience of a Harvest Festival at the local Baptist Chapel. However, we are determined for our parents (as well as our children) not to miss out on educational "firsts", so the following is a link that will show you the song we learned for Harvest, even without a festival to go to!

We are a beautiful bunch of individuals, as can be seen from our self portraits!

                                             A Bundle of Joy!

Although we have been unable to perform this year, we have nonetheless worked hard, learning nativity songs which we have put together with narration kindly organised by our Year 6 students. Please click on the link below and we hope you enjoy our Nativity.

We have loved finding out about our vital organs and bones. Here are our skeleton pictures, which we made by cutting up white straws.

We are becoming great mathematical investigators. Here is just a sample of some of the activities that have had our brains whirring in the Autumn Term.

We can't be together at the moment so here's a story to keep us all  smiling until we can be again! 

During Lockdown and our period of Home Learning, our topic has been Space. We used the computer program Chrome Music Lab, which aims to make learning music more accessible through fun, hands-on experiments. Using their Kandinsky experiment, we drew space pictures which were then converted into music. We each recorded 10 seconds worth of our compositions and Mrs. Harris put these together to form our class piece entitled "Acorns in Space". Click on the following link to hear our masterpiece!

The focus of Science Week (5th-14th March) this year has been "Innovating for the Future". Having missed a large chunk of being together at school due to the Pandemic, we decided to focus on games that we could play. We each created our own golf flag and club for a game of Crazy Classroom Golf. We were then further challenged to invent our very own game using a bat and stick.

A Selection of Innovating Games for the Future

If you would like to see what we got up to in our Sports Day this year, click on the link below. We had a variety of races from teddy bear and then quoit relay races, to egg and spoon and then sack races. The sprints at the end were followed by our non-compulsory Gorsley Gallop - which seemed like a very long way after all those other races!

Here is another link for those of you who have forgotten your Teams password!!!

To see more of what we get up to in each of our topics, have a look at the topic webs below which map out a summary of what we will be learning about in each of the Early Years curriculum areas.

Autumn Topic Web - Marvellous Me

Spring 1 Topic Web - To Infinity and Beyond!

Spring 2 Topic Web - The Magic Travel Machine

Summer 1 Topic Web - Ch-ch-ch-ch Changes

Summer 2 Topic Web - Under The Sea