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Our Class Teacher is Mrs. Harris.

Our Teaching Assistants are Mrs. Long (on a Monday) and

Mrs. Williams (from Tuesday through to Friday).

As well as working on our Autumn Term topic "Marvellous Me" (topic web below), we have been learning all about Harvest - what it means and why we celebrate it. We all chose an outline of a fruit or vegetable and tore strips of paper to create beautiful Harvest collages.

Fruit and Vegetable Baskets

The following link is a video of us performing our harvest song "The Big Blue Tractor". We were much louder when practising in the classroom, but still sounded great even with stagefright!!!

Our first Maths topic of the year has seen us investigating with numbers up to 3 and using the song "When Goldilocks went to the house of the Bears" as a stimulus to sculpt 3 differently sized bears out of playdough.

We have really enjoyed thinking about what out bodies are like on the inside, and in particular, learning about our skeletons. We created a large jigsaw together, and then made individual skeleton pictures by cutting up white straws after we had the opportunity to look at a skeleton close-up!

As well as buying poppies and observing the 2 minute silence on 11th November, we also made our very own poppies to help us remember those who have died in the past so that we can have our tomorrows.

We have painted self-portraits and think they look rather fabulous! We decided that the ready-made pink paint wasn't quite the right shade for our skin colour, so we mixed different paints together until we were happy with the outcome. We then did the same for our hair and eye colour as well as other facial features.

We have been learning about the Union Jack and the flags that are incorporated within it. We then designed our very own flags which we think, are rather splendid!

Having thought about where we would like to travel to on a magic bed, we then talked about more realistic ways of travelling! These are our finished hot air balloons which we created by painting paper plates and then weaving strips of paper to make the baskets.

We have absolutely LOVED our space topic, learning facts about the planets in our solar system and using them to write our very own information books. We have had heated debates about whether we believe that aliens exist or not and have enjoyed stories that feature aliens such as "Q Pootle 5" by Nick Butterworth and "Krong" by Garry Parsons. We then had great fun creating our own aliens out of junk modelling.

We have composed our own piece of music entitled "Acorns in Space".  We used the "Chrome Music Lab" app on the iPads, to draw space pictures which were then converted into sound using an experiment inspired by Wassily Kandinsky, an artist who compared painting to making music. Please click on the link below if you would like to hear it.