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A potion for Snowball

Today we were busy in our Maths lessons with an investigation.  This was our challenge.  It was tricky but we tried our best and showed resilience and perseverance.


Snowball’s favourite potion

This potion uses cranberry juice, apple juice, orange juice and lemonade.

The potion is 50ml.

You use the most cranberry juice.

You use the least lemonade.

You use more orange juice than apple juice.

The apple juice is a multiple of 5

What potions can you make?


Once we realised what the patterns were, we could make lots of different combinations.


Afterwards we were allowed to make our own potions using the same ingredients.  This time we could use any volume of the different drinks but we could only go up to 100ml on the jug.  We needed to have very steady hands!  We all enjoyed our very own potions.  Thank you Snowball!



They were yummy!