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2018 Horrid Henry

In English lessons, we have been reading a selection of Horrid Henry stories. We have grown to love the famous anti-hero as well as his perfect younger brother, Peter.  We have written persuasive letters to Henry’s mum to convince her not to get rid of his nits and have also written our own stories based on Henry and his friends.

After reading Horrid Henry and Moody Margaret, we wrote instructions for making Glop, thinking up disgusting mixtures of ingredients and using imperative (bossy) verbs.

In Art lessons, we watched a video of Tony Ross (The illustrator of Horrid Henry) talking about how he draws his famous character. He gave us lots of great tips on how to create Henry and how to avoid drawing difficult things such as hiding hands behind the back.

After this, we practised sketching Henry in different poses before choosing our favourite to reproduce in a large version. We then painted our pictures using only red, blue, yellow and white paint. This took some thought about how to create different colours and shades by mixing the colours we had.